Master Charles Cannon
Synchronicity Foundation Master Charles Cannon, affectionately known as Master Charles, is a contemporary American mystic and master of meditation. His earliest years were marked by spontaneous, metanormal experiences of expanded, heightened and holistic states of awareness. His formative education was in the creative arts with emphasis on comparative religion and philosophy.
Swami Chetanananda
Nityananda Institute Swami Chetanananda is the abbot and spiritual director of the Nityananda Institute. From his college days, he knew he wanted his life to be about helping people and creating positive change in the world. Swamiji formalized his commitment to spiritual growth by being initiated as a swami (“master of oneself”) by Swami Muktananda on May 14, 1978. He took the name Chetanananda, which means “bliss of pure Self-awareness.”
Andrew Cohen
EnlightenNext Andrew Cohen is an American spiritual teacher and visionary thinker widely recognized for his original contribution to the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. Through his talks, retreats, publications, and ongoing dialogues with the leading philosophers, mystics, and activists of our time, he is becoming a defining voice in an international alliance of individuals and organizations who are committed to the transformation of human consciousness and culture.
Gangaji Foundation Gangaji, an American born teacher and author, has traveled the globe since 1990, speaking with spiritual seekers from all walks of life. Her message is powerful in its clarity and simplicity: True peace and lasting fulfillment are not only our birthright, they are the essential nature of our being. Gangaji invites you to discover the possibility of living your life in the freedom and joy of simply being
Isira Sananda
Living Awareness Isira Sananda is a global peace ambassador. Her role is to inspire humanity to reclaim their own greater potential of wisdom, love, peace and compassion. One of the modern world’s spiritual masters, Isira has been teaching meditation and inspiring self-realisation for more than 20 years.
Swami Shankarananda
Shiva Yoga Swami Shankarananda Saraswati (Swamiji) is a meditation master in the  powerful spiritual tradition ofKashmir  Shaivism. This ancient yoga, which Swamiji calls Shiva Yoga, has been transmitted from master to student for thousands of years.
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