These are the artists that contributed to the soundtrack of Awakening Now.
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A relaxing mix of music that has come from, and been inspired by, the documentary film Awakening Now. Featuring music from “Cache” an eclectic electronic project of completely virtual synthesis by the musician David Trenear. Also featuring music and soundscapes from the film maker Jerel Mani. A perfect companion to assist in meditation or relaxation. Here is more information about the albums musician…

From within the depths of peace Isira brings up the sound of crystal and singing bowls.  The vibrations and soulful melody are an aid for clearing the aura, bringing a state of healing and meditation. The resonant sound brings an immediate ambience of stillness and peace.

‘Song of the Ecstatic” is the meditative treatise of a legendary enlightening human being expressing the joyful truth of non-dual reality, the oneness of all that is. Master Charles sings select verses in the origins of Sanskrit to classical accompaniment with contemporary sound enhancement. This beautiful meditation soundtrack contains Theta Level Synchronicity Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology which enhances whole brain synchronization and unfold a precision Theta state of meditation. When used with stereo headphones, it quickly delivers a relaxed, peaceful and harmonious state of being.

Relax and immerse yourself in the peace of your inner world with ragas chosen specifically for their meditative qualities. Drawing from, and inspired by Western ambient and Indian classical composition, virtuoso sitar player Glen Sharpe presents selections that touch the heart and deepen the spiritual experience.

The ‘SynC’ album ‘Parallel Lines’ features songs similar to those in Awakening Now.SynC is Michael Atherton (ancient and contemporary acoustic instruments) and Garth Paine (electronics). Both musicians have extensive histories as composers, performers and academics. Focusing on the interface between acoustic and electronic music, SynC is an experimental ensemble for acoustic instruments and live electronics.

Oren Ambarchi’s third solo project for Touch [after Suspension and Insulation] sees him reaching beyond the work for electric guitar that he’s become recognised for, expanding his palette and taking his investigations into another sphere entirely. Grapes from the Estate features new instrumentation (strings, tuned bells, percussion and others that can only be guessed at), but the singular and unmistakable influence that Ambarchi exerts on these new materials is what makes it such an indelible work.

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