“So refreshing to share with like minded beautiful people. A total relief from the matrix, thank you thank you thank you”
– J.Sparks Chatswood
“Heartening to have access to the insight of all teachers in the film and feeling my energy and the halls energy shift in the presence” – Monique, Diamond Bay
“I loved the films softness – There were many moments and sayings that resonated with me and made me feel very joyful, peaceful and excited about my life!” – K. Nikolaidis, Bellevue Hill,
“I appreciated the simple but essential questions asked and the people interviewed to gain different insights and perspectives on the same questions. I learned many lessons and gained a lot from this film” – L. McCann
“Great to see and hear such insight through different teachers; all of them seem to say that words are not enough, reminding me that this journey is an experience. Thank you!” – A. Le Her
“What a beautifully paced movie – it was clear that it was a project of love and I am grateful for you putting it out there in the world. A wonderful reflective experience” –D. Walkck, Walsh Bay
“I loved it! Some really inspirational things said. Many things struck chords within me.  I shed a few tears – resonating with what was said – especially what was said on teachers/gurus. THANK YOU”  –D.Hall
“Another signpost in this spirited journey of my life. A profound reminder of my destiny..unity with spirit” –S. Orellana
“Inspiring, informative, clear, honest.  I’m going home to meditate. I’m going home to find my mentor – I’m a finder!!”- L. Davies
“Very powerful & I need to watch this film several times to take in it’s important messages. The diversity  of the messages is wonderful. Thankyou Jerel for sharing these amazing teachings” – J. Norman
“It’s a sweet soul songs from my inner most being” – C. Ibraham