About this film

Communicating a modern perspective on the basic concepts of spiritual awakening.

Saints and sages through the ages have referred to the average person as to being in a state of sleep.
That is, not being aware of the real picture.
I have often wondered what this real picture is and what it would be like to
be in the place or state that a person such as Jesus or the Buddha was in.
I decided to try and find this experience for myself if I could.

In this inquiry many questions were raised such as :-
What is consciousness?
What is oneness or unity?
Where does this thirst for further knowledge or knowing come from?

I read many books from different Masters, but the more I read, the more I
felt dissatisfied because these people were no longer alive and I could not get
direct answers to my questions.
Questions like, what was the experience like , how did they get there, if it
was a universal experience and was it possible for any human being to have

This started me on a search to find contemporary spiritual teachers who were
perhaps in similar states or experiences to which I had read about, to ask
these and other questions that came up along the way like, what is
enlightenment and what purpose does it serve? How does meditation fit in
with this and what does it do for us?

I was inspired to film my interviews and share them with other people.
Perhaps answer other people’s questions maybe raise a few more. Maybe some
things others have never even thought about. Igniting an awakening in others.

What is the importance of a spiritual awakening in all of this?
Why waken?
From what are we actually waking?

This site is an additional resource to the film, for you as the audience to find out more about the teachers interviewed and to delve deeper into the topics on which the film has touched upon.