Jerel Mani has been an enquirer into spirituality since his childhood. Questioning his own family’s religious beliefs and how relevant they were to his life, Then going on to explore alternative religions on a very personal journey.Artist and a musician, he has enjoyed expressing himself in many different mediums.

From traditional oil painting and sculpture to electronic design and 3d animation. His earlier creative employment is as varied as his spiritual exploration. From sign making to prop building and set design to computer graphics on the Quantel Paintbox at all of the television stations and major production houses in Sydney, Australia.

He founded Mish Mash Multimedia a specialty broadcast production facility in 1995. Creating television content such as advertising, station idents and short films. Specialising in motion graphics, multimedia design, special effects and 2D & 3D animation.

In music he has written many catchy songs in broad range of diverse styles from dance to phoke (that’s as in “pop” and “folk”). A prolific musician he has also penned a number of jingles and commercial music for film and television. Exploring in his own time more ambient meditative scores.