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Awakening NOW is a film by Jerel Mani.
Communicating a modern perspective on the basic concepts of spiritual awakening.

Have you ever wondered about trivial things like:-

* Life, The Universe, Everything?
* Who or what God is?
* Wondered if there is something else behind it all?
* Felt that blind faith has left you in the dark?

Many people have asked these and similar questions for centuries.

Well here is something that might help expand your concepts of reality.

Change your perspective of what it could all mean to you.

We’ve ask six different teachers for their experiences and understanding of some very ancient concepts. Getting  new perspectives as interpreted by these modern spiritual teachers.

Are you ready to Awaken NOW?

This site is an additional resource to the film, for you as the audience to find out more about the teachers interviewed.
To delve deeper into the topics on which the film has touched upon.

Watch the movie NOW online!